In celebration of the Spring Equinox tomorrow, March 20, I've launched a new bath tea for all for all of you dreamers, meditators and friends who just need to relax a little more. 

Head's up: I might get a little weird here...

Sleep To Dream Bath Tea emerged from my own need to shed the stress I've been holding onto this winter season. The cold made my whole body tight and I just wanted to sink into a hot bath and emerge ready to look forward into the spring and warm weather- even as it snowed, week after week, just piling on top of the previous week's snowfall, the sun hiding behind the clouds. I thought about taking a bath every night, but I would skip it- rationalizing that I didn't have the time, that I was already too tired. I would climb into bed and sleep a very unrestful sleep, waking exhausted, like I'd worked all night. This was not sustainable for me at all... Anyone who knows me knows I am BUSY.

The first night I mixed this tea up and poured it into my bath, I knew I had reached a turning point in my pitiful self-care routine. I spent 20 minutes in the tub, that's it. Not even long enough for a facial mask to dry. That night I sleep very deeply, and I didn't wake before my alarm, as I usually do. I was alert, and I felt GOOD that day. I smiled more freely. Good Stuff.

The second night I had vivid, fascinating dreams filled with animals and plants. Kava was used by ancient cultures to produce alert relaxation, intensify ones dreams, and support divination work. It certainly was fun, and the next day I woke rested and wakeful and happy, again. I thought: this is cool. This is no fluke. Relaxation is really happening for me! 

Sleep To Dream Bath Tea was formulated to melt stress and energetic congestion away with herbs that promote calm euphoria, healing and visionary dreams. The combination of kava kava, vervain, orris root and lavender might just open that third eye of yours if it's been taking the winter off. And really, it's the perfect way to start a bathing ritual in celebration of the change of season. Your skin is your body's largest organ, and bathing in herbs is an excellent and gentle way to incorporate them into your system.

See a full explanation in the product description, and then please comment and tell me what you do for self care in the doldrums of winter! Taking baths is just one part of the puzzle of seasonal self-care, after all.